Customs did not challenge the court’s decision.

Sheremetyevo customs announced that they are ready to comply with the requirements of the court and to pay Apple to 147.2 million rubles in compensation in the case of smart hours Apple Watch. This was officially announced by the representatives of the press service of the customs.

In the Sheremetyevo customs office confirmed that the Agency does not intend to appeal the court’s decision, considering it inappropriate. The customs representatives expressed readiness to fulfill all the requirements, brought against Russian daughter the Apple company “Apple Rus”.

Sheremetyevo customs will have to pay Apple to 147.2 million rubles in the case of “smart” clock Apple Watch. When the smart watch Apple Watch only went on sale in Russia, customs began to issue a device as a normal wrist watch. For imports of watches in Russia is assumed customs duty of 10%, while in the gadgets for data transfer no duties no.

Apple managed to achieve recognition of the Apple Watch device to transfer data only two years after the release of the first smart watches. All this time the company has paid the customs duty on the import of Apple Watch in Russia. In November 2018 the Arbitration court of the Moscow region recognized that Sheremetyevo customs took a toll with Apple without reason, and ordered the Agency to pay compensation to the Russian daughter the Apple of the company “Apple Rus”.

It is noteworthy that the amount of excessive payments, which the customs shall return the Apple is only 42,9 million rubles. The rest of 104,1 million rubles the Agency will have to pay as interest.

Source: rns.


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