Did you ever, paying in the cash shop that someone may not like it? And it is not even on the cashier. Among users Runet sparked a new debate about the ethics of the use of “cash” in the “age” card and Google Pay with Apple Pay.

One Twitter user Konstantin Konovalov wrote that he is irritated by people who pay cash in stores. They allegedly detained and foremost, and cashier. In the opinion of men, to use in 2019 paper money must be unethical.

This post caused a lot of discussion on Twitter, which went beyond the social network. Someone said that not all people can use Bank cards, such as adolescents and the elderly. In addition, there are those who do not trust banks, afraid of the unstable economic situation in the country does not want to transfer the data to third parties.

Despite the fact that disputes on the Internet is enough, this raises still an interesting question associated with the development of technology and how they affect ethical standards.

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