Experts have compared the cost of a new iPhone in different countries and came to the conclusion that Russia has set the high price on smartphones Apple. This writes PhoneArena.

11 common iPhone available for sale only in Japan. For comparison, the official price in the U.S. starts from $ 699, and in Japan it is 74,8 thousand yen (about 692 dollars). The most expensive iPhone 11 sold in Norway at the price of 8.49 thousand Norwegian kroner (about 947 USD). In Russia, the official price starts from 60 thousand rubles (933 dollars).

In the case of iPhone 11 Pro Max in the most expensive version to 512 gigabytes, the situation is different. In the US, the smartphone is 1449 USD and this is the most affordable offer. In Japan, it is 157,8 thousand yen (about 1460 dollars). In Russia, this smartphone became the most expensive sold for 132 thousand rubles (2053 dollars).

The official price in the United States are subject to tax. PhoneArena also stresses that such a low price on iPhone Japan stems from the fact that the company is rapidly losing ground in this market.

Presentation of the new Apple smartphones was held on 10 September. The company revealed the iPhone 11 with dual camera and iPhone 11 Pro and Pro Max. The last two smartphones are available with screens of 5.8 and 6.5 inches, and have a triple main camera.

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