General Director of industrial Association “Internet video” Alex Bardin told in conversation with a journalist from TASS, the Russian online movie theaters hope to enlist the support of the state in the protection after the launch of the streaming service Apple TV+.

*”Apple Inc. said that the annual subscription to their service will be provided for free on all new devices and for iPhone, Mac, the entire line. Accordingly, given the statistics that exist on the market, and in the year sold about 4 million iPhone in Russia, before the New year we will have exactly about 1 million users of the service”, — said Bardin.

According to the representative of the Association at the moment is extremely acute question of how the Russian authorities will apply the law in relation to Apple. He also noted that in the near future such giants as Netflix, Disney and others try to arrange the expansion in the global market, resulting in Russian companies may feel extremely vulnerable. In this regard, Burden also hopes that the Russian government will help domestic companies “to protect our Bay from this storm.”

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