Russian police seized ATM with cryptocurrency at the disposal of the Central Bank of the Russian Federation.

“The owner of the crypto-ATM, faced with confiscation, intends to appeal this action, as it suffered financial losses and damaged its reputation,” said Sarkis Darbinyan – lawyer of the center of digital rights, which protects the company.

Head BBFpro Artem Bedarev in an interview with RBC said that the company is not aware of the actions of law enforcement bodies and has not received preliminary requests from the Prosecutor’s office.

Bedarev also noted that one of the officers involved in the arrest, said that investigation could take six months. He also reported that the General Prosecutor’s office decided on the basis of a letter of Bank of Russia.

BBFpro the company operated 22 terminals in shops, bars and shopping malls in nine cities.

The representative of the Central Bank has not responded to questions about the withdrawal, but said that the regulator carries out systematic actions to identify and fix illicit financial activities.

According to the representative of the Central Bank, the possibility of committing uncontrolled cross-border transfers associated with risk of use of cryptocurrencies in illegal financial activities.

Lawyer Darbinian stated that there are no rules on the cryptocurrency, and that the company complies with the procedures established by law, identificeret users and pays taxes.

Currently BBFpro assesses the damage, which includes loss of customers.

According to the description on the website of the company, the customer can purchase bitcoin in the amount not exceeding 15 000 rubles. Large amounts require the client to specify the telephone number, data of birth, passport number, scanned passport page and other information. Final bitcoin price is set in rubles at the exchange rate when payment is made in the terminal.

According, BBRpro is one of the largest providers of ATMs in Russia.


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