Apple is already two months did not pay the required money to your Russian programmers. We are talking about mobile app developers. It reported several dozen part-time employees of the company who have not received their fees on time, but actually the non-payment could consist of hundreds of people. The Association of professional users of social networks and instant messengers threatened the company’s claim, the amount of claims which may exceed 20 million rubles.

The Apple support does not answer letters and appeals more than 1.5 months, every day, go new letters, but it was no use. Neither the developer did not violate any App Store rules, received a monthly payment without any problem, — wrote in Facebook the programmer of Mahendren. (Grammar and punctuation of the author saved — ed.

According to him, March 7, the part of the developers, as usual, got your payment. And the other was left without money. In April, the problem for some was resolved and the debt was paid immediately, but the remaining Russian Apple employees still sit without of funds owed to them.

Another developer Nicholas Feldman in conversation with explained that the political context in this situation, since the debt of the Corporation and to employees from other countries, but most — in Russia.

We sell apps in the AppStore and games, money transferred to the account first to Apple and then Apple once a month, sending them to our Bank account. And most likely when you upgrade something broke and the payments stopped coming, the last payment was in January. We just don’t do it in the Finance Department, we wrote to them 10 times already. But the answer is no, same problem, and others. Due to the fact that we don’t know what happened and are ignorant, it is unclear what the costs of application remain the same, but the money does not come from Apple — said Aksenov.

Programmer Alexey Tkachenko wrote in Facebook that he is also two months can be transferred to the payments. In this case, the timing decision problem is not known.

For may payment date are not even assigned, the status of transferred payment. Finance Team was silent for a month. Specialist from the other team checked our account and said that he sees no reason why can late payments and advised to contact the Finance Team (Grammar and punctuation of the author saved. Finance Team and Finance division of the company, — ed., he said.

How does Apple with the regulars

Scheme of cooperation of Apple with freelance developers is: they get 70% of the app sales, the rest picks itself. If the app works by subscription, the income of the developer can be from 70 to 85% of revenue. Payments are made once a month for the previous 30 days. Since 2008, Apple has paid app developers $120 billion

To date, the company does not explain the delays. According to some Russian programmers, who collaborated with Apple three years ago, the company had the same delay. Then it was due to the fact that the Bank, through which passed the tranches, came under Western sanctions.

Director of the Association of professional users of social networks and instant messengers Vladimir Zykov said that the sanctions in this case are unlikely to be the cause. According to him, legal entities will receive less money are in different countries, but they share with the Russians or immigrants from Russia.

If Apple won’t pay the Russian developers money until may 7, we will have to sue in order to recover from the Russian legal entity OOO “eppl Rus” this debt and the interest on borrowed money. If the company will block the accounts of the victims after the trial, we will take the next step, which will allow you to punish them for such action. Let’s hope that this will not happen, — said the Director of the Association of professional users of social networks and messengers.

According to Vladimir Zykov, Apple owes the Russian programmers more than 20 million rubles.

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