MOSCOW, 16 sen — news. The largest Russian retail network of electronics has stocked up enough new iPhone to the launch of their sales took place without the queues, said RIA Novosti in the company.

September 10, Apple unveiled three new smartphones — the iPhone 11, iPhone 11, iPhone 11 Pro and Pro Max. Pre-orders for them will start in Russia from September 18 (in other countries started from September 13), sales — from 20 September. After presentations of new services free ads has appeared offers to sell places in the queue, the price reached 500 thousand rubles.

Russian retailers assure that this year has reserved a sufficient number of smartphones that allows you to avoid the queues.

“This year, sales of the new iPhone 11 first start in one day with the world, and we are already seeing high interest in new products before the start of pre-orders. I want to assure all our buyers that in day of start of sales our stores “Svyaznoy” and Cstore will offer enough new products from Apple that will allow to do without queues”, — said Vice-President of sales of the company “Svyaznoy” David Borzilov. He added that on September 18 it is also possible to pre-order on sites and and then get your new iPhone in any convenient the store and Cstore on the day of the start of sales in Russia — 20 Sep.

M. Video and Eldorado, as the Federal players and the official partners of Apple in Russia, have traditionally provided delivery of new products in all key regions and stores the time of start of sales — a new line of iPhone will be available in more than 500 stores in day of start of sales on September 20. Pre-order also allows you to be sure that the buyer is guaranteed to receive the smartphone on the day of start of sales — with the help of the courier or to the nearest store, in the queues are not necessary”, — said the press service of “M. Video-Eldorado”.

“Interest in the new iPhone big. The day of the start of sales, we plan to saturate the product of all the stores in sufficient quantity that will allow to do without the long lines at one single point. In addition, we will pre-order from 18 September, which means those who order and prepay will receive your new phone in his store re:Store in a convenient time on the day of the start of sales in Russia”, — said the representative of re:Store Lyudmila Semushina.

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