Russian scientists from National research technological University (MISIS) jointly with Swedish and German colleagues have invented a way to charge your gadgets from the human body. For this they have created a special thermoelectric material and packs nanotubes, which is several times increases the conductivity.
Nanotubes increase the conductivity of electricity through the thermoelectric material, due to which its ability to convert heat into electricity increases. Innovation scientific developments is the replacement of compounds that make up the material they use polymers instead of metals, which allowed to minimize the dispersion obtained from human body heat.

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In order to obtain heat energy, the researchers paved poluprovodnikovoi nanotubes on a substrate, and on top of “filled” them with polymer. According to the participant of the scientific group Habib Yusupov, to apply such technology in design to create a watch bracelets or cases for smartphone with support for wireless charging that will allow to feed the device on a regular basis without using additional sources of electricity.

Talk about what will happen to the technology industry in the near future. Earlier in the network appeared photos of the prototype of the next smartphone from Apple in the lineup, and the company announced the update to the iPod line, for the first time in 2015. It also became known, when will begin selling the smartphone Galaxy Fold with flexible screen from Samsung — the exit was planned in April but the launch was postponed after numerous complaints about breakage of the screen.

On 3 June at the worldwide developers conference WWDC in California, Apple introduced its new developments. Among them, the black theme on iOS and a separate operating system for the iPad. Apple also declined from media player to iTunes — about what to expect from the guys from Cupertino in the near future, read our collection.

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