The state Duma has approved a bill prohibiting the sale of technically complicated devices without pre-installed Russian. As examples of “technically complex” products falling within the scope of the document is specified, in particular, smartphones, computers, smart TVs. The bill passed by the state Duma in the third final reading, prohibits the sale of such products without pre-installed a Russian software. The explanatory note says that the law is intended to facilitate the life of the Russians that when you buy new electronics don’t have to search for and download software, focused on Russian-speaking users, it will be preset before entering the store. According to the authors of the bill, which is already installed Russian soft “increases the value of goods for the consumer”. In addition, the bill will protect the interests of Russian Internet companies that will reduce abuse by large foreign companies working in the field of information technology. The bill gives Russian companies the legal mechanisms to promote their programs and services in the field of information technologies for Russian users, — the legislators. For violation of the law provided for fines of from one hundred thousand rubles for individuals up to one million — for legal. After approval by the Federation Council and signing by the President the law will come into force on 1 July 2020. At least one probable consequence of the act preset FOR the Russian called in the air NSN analyst of Mobile Research group Eldar Murtazin: the withdrawal of the Russian market of Apple products. In his opinion, the American firm does not agree with these requirements, as there is a risk that, following Russia on a similar path and other countries. And he called the main beneficiary of this decision: “give a Preset conversion to users. Is the concern about the presets of “Yandex”. I must say the Dutch company “Yandex” “thank you” that this bill came to light,” said Murtazin. This bill does not define what devices fall under its action. The definition of the list of goods and the procedure for drawing up and keeping of the list of Russian programs and the order they are preset, will the government. Meanwhile, more than a year ago the Federal Antimonopoly service has published a road map on competition development in the sphere of IT, which provided for the establishment of the concept of PE domestic applications. As recalled by RBC, the concept had assumed that the manufacturers of devices that are imported to Russia, will be obliged to preinstall domestic applications in the categories of “search”, “messenger”, “map” and “antivirus”. Against the initiative were made by electronics manufacturers, for Mail.Ru Group, “Kaspersky Lab” mobile operators are among the “big three”, but also merge of the companies-software developers “RUSSOFT”.

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