The Internet Ombudsman in the air NSN supported the idea necessary to establish the domestic applications on smartphones and tablets. The communications Ministry wants to oblige the Russian manufacturers to install apps on smartphones and tablets, which are exported to Russia. In the near future prepared by the office of the bill will be published for public comment. On the prospects of the idea and how quality can be domestic applications, NSN said the Internet Ombudsman Dmitry Marinichev. “I support the idea. No matter how quality will be domestic application. This requirement is imposed by Russian legislation. You’re not surprised when buying the TV it has Russian language. It is convenient for the user, moreover, Russian language is the state. In respect of applications for smartphones and tablets — all exactly the same,” said Marinichev. The psychiatrist evaluated the effectiveness of beating the current bracelet as an example of such software that can be installed on the mobile gadgets, Dmitry Marinichev called application services. “It is important that the application was useful and necessary. We have a well functioning mobile application services. Why can’t there be demand their mandatory placement on the smartphone, which is imported in the Russian Federation”, — said Marinichev. The only “thin place”, he said, is what will form the criteria that must be performed by the manufacturer during the certification and exports from their factories, such as China or the United States to the Russian Federation. Earlier Federal Antimonopoly service has prepared amendments to the communications act, which require manufacturers of smartphones and tablets, laptops and computers to preinstall on their domestic programs, such as browser, antivirus, Navigator, messenger. Then the idea was supported by the company Group, MTS, MegaFon, Kaspersky Lab, Association RUSSOFT, spoke against the Association of trading companies and europamerica electronic and computer equipment, which includes Apple, Samsung, Huawei, Google, Philips, and several other companies.

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