Russian authorities plan to create a national registry of mobile applications, which will require mandatory preinstall sold in the country gadgets. How to write “Izvestia” on July 31, 2019 in the Analytical center (AC) under the government will be held on this issue.

Mandatory Russian software is offered preinstalled on user devices (smartphones, tablets, smart TVs and other), prior to their falling into the hands of the end user.

The publication reports that the bill on the mandatory installation of Russian already submitted to the Duma. From the introduction of legislation benefits the domestic makers, experts note, however, the market of gadgets could be harmed when companies begin to fight for getting into the registry instead of higher product quality. In addition, Russia can leave such big players as Apple, which basically do not install software from another supplier on their equipment.

As reported by “Uralinformbjuro”, the idea of preloading the Russian software on imported mobile devices the Ministry of communications expresses for a long time. Earlier, a similar proposal was expressed by the FAS. But Russian lawmakers, who last year adopted the so-called “Spring package”, does not leave hopes to put under total control of the Russian segment of the Internet.

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