Thursday, may 9,

From 10:00 To mark the 74th anniversary of the great Victory: the program of festive events and memorial celebrations in Kaliningrad will be held at several venues. 0+

15:00 the Exhibition “Images of Russian military glory in the iconography” — dedicated to the heroic deeds of Russian soldiers, which they did on the battlefields of major historical battles. 0+

20:00 house concert “Backstage” — this event going Kaliningrad musicians to play for themselves and listen to others. 16+

21:00 Concert of OLGA KIMBERLY BAND — the basis of all music program — strong and skillful female vocals. You will hear your favorite hits of classics of rock music: Scorpions, Guns n Roses and AC/DC. 18+, Friday, may 10,

19:00 Party, BAR De AUX — sincere reprobates of the capital of the Baltic decadence from the group BAR DE AUX will play a special DJ set. 18+

19:00 Concert “Dutch Rudder” is a sad slowcore Petersburg-the group first arrives in Kaliningrad to play songs from the album, “Our communication without your presence.” 18+

19:00 Concert Eldar Carehow first solo tour on cities of Russia! The concerts will be presented album, “ROCK’ n ‘ ROFL,” which topped the charts in the iTunes and Apple Music in less than a day after the official release. 12+

19:00 Musical “Vinyl” — bright, colorful and full of unexpected events, the musical is a kind of “comic” from “portraits of time”, in which all the images are invented, but so similar to us. 12+

21:00 Tribute concert “King and Jester” — songs in acoustic version. Music: guitar, violin, drums and of course the vocalist Alexander Bakanov. 18+

22:00 Party “WAVES” — the underlying party “Pingponged” continues to erase borders. Infamous players will be handing out the style and show of the new Kaliningrad school. 18+, Saturday, may 11,

10:00 Travel quest “My Kaliningrad” — a chance to explore the unknown pages of history of the city in the form of interactive travel quest. 0+

11:00 Creative meeting with Vladimir Sterzhakov — talented actor first gaining your course. The lucky ones who pass the audition will study at the Institute of contemporary art. 0+

12:00 Morning everyone — everyone will find something for themselves: some food for thought, some new insights, and someone — the ability to act as a lecturer. 16+

14:00 the Festival “Retro Circus” — performance at the paintings, juggling, children’s workshops, a photo zone, a competition for dogs of small breeds and family cakes, gifts, stylized Macapa, balloons, bubbles, music, lounge area. 0+

18:00 Football match “Baltika” — “SKA-Khabarovsk” — OLIMP-the Championship of Germany on football among teams of clubs of the first division 2018/19. 0+

19:00 the Project “Listen with your heart” — it’s designed for those who are in the hustle and bustle of everyday city life can’t find the time to listen to good music, for those who want to learn more about your favorite artists of the 20th century, for those who want to find like-minded people and just listen to the beautiful songs in the dark. 16+

19:00 Concert BORDGE — in Kaliningrad in the framework of a large European tour will make a powerful team from Moscow BORDGE (post-hardcore/noise rock/chaotic hardcore/progressive sludge)! 16+

20:00 Concert “Spring paints a stained-glass” — a recital-concert of popular and already loved by many Kaliningraders bard, poet and writer Leonid Gorbushina. 16+

20:00 Birthday NIGHT MUSIC pro — the day we celebrate the Foundation of MUSIC NIGHT pro. For seven years, was announced a lot of gigs from simple weddings to large rock concerts with the participation of a large number of groups with a live performance. 18+

22:00 Dj Dance party All Night Long 2 — cool famous DJ’s welcome in many clubs, kilowatts of powerful sound and professional light, perhaps, on the largest dance floor in the city! 18+, Sunday, may 12,

10:00 bike Ride “KSTU — Planeta Sport” — an annual, massive, beloved by residents and guests of the city bike ride. 16+

11:00 Tour of the series “backstage at the zoo” — In charge of 2000 a variety of animals from fish to elephants. They do injections giraffes and watered fish oil tapirs, which at first glance can distinguish a sick animal from a healthy and personally check how to prepare the delicious and healthy Toedo. 0+

12:00 Dance festival “Come out of the circle” under “the Bridge” will be the selection Yalta Summer Jam, will be the living legend, Beatmaster T, will be informative masterclass and lecture on hip hop culture from him. 16+

15:00 Project “Comic book Marathon” is a lecture about comic books and master-classes, creative meetings with young domestic member, exhibitions, comic book and alleys young member, creative workshops. All this awaits Kaliningrad from 13 to 19 may. 12+

18:00 Concert MARKOV A. JAZZ QUARTET (project by FRIZZ) — a pleasant evening in a jazz company energize you for the labor feats after the may holidays. 16+

18:00 Meeting with the traveler Ivan Shiryaev, member of the Russian geographical society set a goal to visit all 1122 city of Russia in the framework of its project. 12+

19:00 Play “an Ordinary miracle!” is when man became man. Suddenly stopped running, took my fear by the lapels, stared at him and threw. When the love flooded my soul… 12+ more events — a poster of “Your Bro”.

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