Service for job search Future Today, has prepared a rating of the best employers. Young people increasingly want to work in it companies than in the energy sector. In the first place was Google, followed by Yandex and closed three the American company Apple.

Interestingly, when choosing a career students interested in a flexible schedule. Also, future workers noted that the friendly atmosphere at work and the compatibility of career with personal life would be a plus for their prosperous existence. And here’s a quick career growth and high salaries doesn’t really care about the students. However, the new adults would prefer to earn 120 thousand rubles per month.

The survey was attended by 23.7 thousand students from 30 Russian universities that will receive the diploma in the next two years. On it informs RBC.

Previously, FederalPress reported, torossi was in last place in the rating of trust business and the media. By the way, this position was not new to Russia.


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