The main reason is the desire to save money.

Official representatives of the Ministry of communications revealed the exact number of ported numbers from one operator to another. It turned out that to 24 October 2018 possibility to switch to another operator preserving number used by a total of more than 10 million Russians.

According to the official data of the Ministry of communications, 24 Oct 2018 total number of Russian subscribers of ported numbers amounted to 10 040 557 pieces. In 2018, the option of number portability has become the most popular. Since the beginning of the year more than 2.5 numbers were ported from one operator to another. The main reason migration experts call the desire of the subscribers to pay for communications less.

Many use this to save

It is noteworthy that all applications for transition to another operator in 2014 recorded more than 18 million Applications were almost two times more than the actual ported numbers.

There are two main explanations for such statistics. The main reason for such big difference in the number of applications and do ported numbers is that subscribers just your mind to abandon your carrier.

However, there is another reason. Some subscribers know that the request for transition to another operator will notice the current statement. In most cases, to requests from operators react by providing personal discounts on bond.

Earlier we already wrote about the fact that with the help of this method, subscribers can save considerably on communications.

Source: Ministry Of Communications.


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