According to the newspaper “Kommersant”, in just a week the Russians acquired more than 40,000 iPhone and iPhone Xs Xs Max. And the most popular high-end model. The authors of the publication, citing its own sources say that in the first week of sales users bought about 25 000 iPhone Xs Max.

Experts attribute the high popularity of the new Apple smartphones several factors. First, the easy lending programs. Second, the special discount offers when you exchange your old device for trade-in program. In addition, many have long been waiting for from Apple is really a large smartphone – in part this explains the high demand for the iPhone Xs Max.

However, analysts believe that in the near future the demand for Apple’s new products will decline. A similar trend is observed every year. In the first week of sales of new products are in great demand, but the number of sales decreases.

It is worth noting that the new Apple smartphones sold noticeably better than last year flagship Apple. This claim as analysts and representatives of retail chains. According to “Kommersant”, last November in its first week of sales were sold about 25 000 iPhone X. In the same year, the demand for novelty is much higher. Moreover, users don’t stop too high prices.


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