Before the official advent of the iPhone Xs iPhone Xs Max is still a few days. Sales of new Apple smartphones to begin on September 28. However, the most impatient users can purchase the new items now. However, according to the data obtained from operators in this year, many users have decided to wait for the official start of sales and not buy the “gray” iPhone brought from abroad.

According to reports, now in the networks of Russian operators operates more than 1 000 iPhone Xs iPhone Xs Max. And often buy the “gray” iPhone Xs Max. They account for approximately 70% of all devices. As for places where users are most often bought “grey” news, the leader is Moscow. But also the new iPhone are quite common in St. Petersburg and Rostov-on-don.

According to unofficial data, since the start of sales of the iPhone Xs iPhone Xs Max in the US and some European countries, Russia imported about 3 000 devices. However, demand was significantly lower offers. So now users have the chance to buy the “gray” iPhone Xs iPhone Xs Max with some discount. In some cases, the new iPhone are even less than the recommended retail price.

Experts note that a similar situation was observed last year. Many users have decided not to overpay for the “gray” iPhone 8 and iPhone 8 Plus.


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