According to the Central Bank survey, residents of Russia are increasingly spending money on cryptocurrency pyramid, and the number is growing rapidly.

For the first half of 2018, the Bank’s employees was able to calculate dozens of fraudulent organizations which are based on cryptocurrency transactions. Russian citizens spend on them from 80 to 100 thousand roubles – almost twice more than a normal pyramid.

Most often the work of criminals based in the Internet, that’s where they find customers. So it is usually deceiving the inhabitants of large, developed cities, where people constantly sit and do business online.

Probably, this increase specifically cryptocurrency pyramid is associated with the popularity of blockchain technology and bitcoin, which many were able to earn last year.

Black creditors

In addition, representatives of the Central Bank said that Russia has significantly increased the number of “black lenders.” Only for 2018, they became two times more than in 2017 – 1,89 thousands of firms compared to 1.3 thousand organizations.

The owners of this business give the population a small amount of money on credit. However, they are not recorded and often conduct their business in secret and using illegal methods of debt collection.


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