While the average price of smartphones has increased.

The Russian market of smart phones has set new records in 2018. According to the leading Russian retailers over the past year Russians bought on 29-30 million smartphones, which is a record for the market. The average price of a smartphone in Russia increased to 15 633 rubles.

According to the statistics of Russian retailers, 2018 year was generally successful for Russia’s smartphone market. Russians bought 29-30 million smartphones, which is 3% higher than in 2017. Thus, in Russia, a new record for smartphone sales during the calendar year. However, growth rates compared with the same 2017 slightly, but decreased.

The most popular smartphones in the Samsung devices. It is Chinese company Huawei and its Honor sub-brand, and the third Apple. Retailers noted that Apple once again has become a confident leader in profit on the Russian market of smartphones. This is due to the fact that Apple sells mainly expensive smartphones, while other manufacturers are betting on an outright budget model.

Forecasts to 2019 the experts still do with caution. In many ways, the situation on the Russian market will depend on how the leading manufacturers of smartphones will form the prices of the new smartphones after the increase in VAT to 20%. Apple and Samsung have already increased prices on their smartphones because of the increase in VAT. Representatives of Chinese brands, said that rising prices could occur in the case of new models.


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