Russians may lose the messengers, but to bla premiere from Facebook

At the conference for developers F8 Facebook CEO mark Zuckerberg announced the updates of its main products. The main news was a serious redesign of the most popular social network in the world. In Facebook will be much less blue and more white, and the menu will be restructured, which should have a positive impact on the visual perception and comfort. The Central focus from the news feed will shift to more popular among users of “storis”, events and community. For the web version (and in the future for apps on iOS) announced a dark theme. She, in particular, will save the battery charge when using the social network.

Here’s a closer look at FB5, including Dark Mode for web coming soon.

— Facebook (@facebook) April 30, 2019

For the Russian segment of Facebook is of special importance to the statement of Mark Zuckerberg that in the future (most likely not before 2020) Messenger, WhatsApp and Instagram (all services owned by Facebook) will have compatibility between them. That is, can carry on a dialogue, using different programs. Communication will be the technology protected through encryption. The latter will increase the security of user correspondences, since third parties are not physically able to access the encryption keys. We will remind, from-for such protection Telegram for more than a year trying to block (though unsuccessfully) in Russia. Thus, the legitimacy of Facebook, WhatsApp and Instagram in our country can also be called into question.

Other announcements: the release of a separate application Facebook Messenger for macOS and Windows and a small extension of the functionality of Instagram. These updates will be implemented gradually during 2019. Also promised the release of a new VR headsets of Oculus and the Oculus Rift Quest S. They will be on sale may 21 at a price of $399.

SpaceX to reserve orbit

The company Elon musk SpaceX received permission from the FCC of the United States to launch their satellites in the framework of the project Starlink into orbit 550 km, it is Assumed that at this altitude, will fly about 1500 devices from the 12 000. Others have to take the orbit of 340 km and 1150 km — the height resolution have been received. For comparison, the ISS flies at an altitude of about 400 km, and the navigation satellites GPS and GLONASS is about 20 000 km.

Work on such a low orbit should provide a stable connection with relatively small number of satellites. Communications Commission checked the risks of collision at such a height and also estimated possibilities of the conflict interaction with the satellites of other companies (in particular, OneWeb and Kepler Communications). Obviously, no problem was found.

The exact date of launch is not known, but the company expects to deploy the network within five years. While running only two test satellites in February 2018. Now SpaceX is developing mass production of satellites and is preparing to run them monthly on their own media, the Falcon 9 and Falcon Heavy.

Go to eSIM

The operator Tele2 Russia’s first announced launch support “e-SIM-card” (eSIM). However, this is a compromise: to use the service, you need to come to one of the five Moscow offices of the company and write a statement about the transition from physical SIM cards Tele2 (if it does not have to issue) to electronic. In the near future to use the service will be even 83 points, Tele2, and in the future the need to visit the office at all anymore.

Devices that support the eSIM are not many Apple iPhone of the latest generation (XS, Max XS and XR) and Google Pixel 3 and 3 XL. All devices one slot for physical cards, but the technology eSIM turns them into “dualsim”. With this smartwatch, where this technology is used more often, decision of Tele2 does not work.

While the version of Tele2 — the only way to use the eSIM, without breaking Russian laws. However, the Minister Oleg Ivanov said that the regulatory framework for the full implementation of the technology will be ready by the end of 2019. This will allow not only the “big three” operators, and their competitors actively promote their services on the market.

Russia scans the space

Russian-German astrophysical laboratory “Spektr-RG” successfully relocated from Moscow to Baikonur. Began final checks and preparing to launch into space, to be held in late June. Output device outside of the Earth will be domestic carrier “proton-M”.

“Spektr-RG” is designed to study the universe in x-rays and gamma radiation. For the next five years this is the only new device of this type. In contrast to existing x-ray telescopes (e.g., XRT on the Swift Observatory), “Spektr-RG” will be able to make a full and detailed overview of the sky with a record sensitivity. Within four years, the Observatory will be involved in scanning the night sky, followed by another two and a half years to study specific space objects by the requests of scientists.

Gifts for gamers

On may 1, the manufacturer of the microelectronics Advanced Micro Devices (AMD) turned 50 years old. In honor of this the company has released several flagship devices “50th Anniversary Edition” processor Ryzen 7 2700X, as well as, together with partners, the Radeon and Sapphire VII Nitro+ 590 AMD Radeon RX.

Specifications and price anniversary versions remain the same: $329 per Ryzen 7, $699 for the updated Radeon VII. From the standard version they differ in design and accessories. On the processor with a laser engraving of the signature of the President and CEO of AMD Lisa su, a card had a unique and vivid case of red or yellow flowers. Game lovers will appreciate the bonus coupons for free downloads World War Z and Tom Clancy’s The Division 2 Gold Edition.


$58 billion Apple’s revenue for the second fiscal quarter of 2019, according to an official report. This is 5% less than the same period last year. Net income amounted to $11.5 billion, a Large part of revenues fell on the Apple iPhone — $31 billion (compared to $37 billion a year ago).

23% revenue dropped Samsung from the global sales of memory chips for the fiscal quarter. Also decreased the profit in the mobile division of the company in the field of consumer electronics. However more telling will be the next fiscal quarter, taking into account the sales of new Samsung smartphones, including the Galaxy Fold.

$10.3 billion of debt has accumulated in the electric car manufacturer Tesla at the end of the fiscal quarter. CEO Elon Musk confirmed that future inevitably raise new third party capital. However, employees of Tesla claim that for at least another year, the company will hold its own.

100 million premium users scored music service Spotify with a total audience of 217 million people. Despite the impressive numbers, the company suffers losses during the quarter the company lost $158 million Perhaps the situation is partially correct launch in Russia — according to rumors, it will be held in the spring and summer of 2019.

$15 005 collected Energizer on crowdfunding site Indiegogo for a smartphone with a giant battery capacity of 18,000 mAh. Requested the sum of $1.2 million, Obviously, the engineers overestimated the willingness of users to pay for the device at the expense of aesthetics and ergonomics.

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