Extremely handy feature.

Russian banks are actively implementing a new feature that will allow the Russians to use ATMs directly using smartphones with customized payment systems Apple Pay, Android Pay and Samsung Pay. To perform any operation to the Bank clients need only bring your iPhone or Android smartphone to a special NFC-enabled terminal.

Use ATMs with smartphones can be used for different operations. Most banks will give the Russians the ability to transfer money between accounts, to pay services to withdraw or Deposit cash, etc. the List of available operations will vary depending on the Bank.

Experts believe that the emergence in Russia of a larger number of banking terminals with NFC support will reduce queues and save the customer time. In addition, the amount of the loss of Bank cards should decrease significantly.

Currently in Russia there are only 782 terminal support contactless transactions. In the near future they will be many times more. At the same time, banks do not need to buy a whole new ATMs. It will be enough to equip the old NFC modules.

Source: iz.


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