Experts of the analytical company Strategy Analytics has published a new report which reflects the condition of the market of smart speakers in the second quarter of this year. According to the calculations of experts for the year total sales speaker with built-in voice assistant has grown almost twice – from 15.5 to 30.3 million units.

The market leader is the company Amazon. In the second quarter of this year, she was able to realize about 6.6 million smart speakers. Such sales provided Amazon 21.9% of the market. In second place is Google, which managed to sell 5.6 million speakers. While the rate of growth, the search giant is far ahead of Amazon: 74% vs 47%.

However, if we talk about the rate of sales growth, the unambiguous leader in this indicator is the company Baidu. For the year sale speakers Chinese giant rose 3775%. In the second quarter of this year reached 4.7 million units. This figure has enabled the Chinese company to become the third largest seller of smart speakers. Also, the rating of the spot was two companies from China: Alibaba and Xiaomi. Over the years they have been able to strengthen its market position, increasing sales.

As for Apple, cupertinos was at the bottom of the list, having realized in the second quarter of 1.4 million of its columns. However, experts from Strategy Analytics say that in recent time the demand for Apple smart speakers is gradually increasing. In comparison with last year sales grew by 81% — one of the highest rates on the market.


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