According to the latest report of the analytical company Gartner, in the first quarter of this year, users are not very willing to buy Apple computers. Analysts note that in comparison with the same period in 2018 the volume of deliveries decreased by 2.5%.

According to Gartner, compared with last year, worldwide shipments of computers has also decreased – 58,5 61.4 million units. However, this decline did not prevent the leaders of the market are to increase the volume of supply.

In particular, the Lenovo in comparison with the first quarter of 2018 were able to increase their deliveries by 6.9% and retained its leading position. The result HP was not as impressive – for the year, worldwide shipments of computers increased only 0.8%. However, HP managed to retain second position. In addition, the US business is much better. In the American market it is the leader. Closed the three of leaders of Dell. In comparison with last year, the company was able to increase its shipments by 1.5%.

Computer supply in the US

As for Apple, in the global ranking of computer manufacturers, Apple company took only the fourth position. The same place cupertinos is in the United States. The analysts Gartner say that in the us market, all the major computer manufacturers faced falling sales.


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