MTS analyzed the results of sales in Samara salons and found that preferences Samartsev not coincide with the national trends.

According to the sales in the Russian retail MTS in the first quarter of 2019 for the first few years showed growth in the budget smartphone segment. After the Christmas feast and spending on gifts to gender holidays Russians prefer to buy the device no more than 10 thousand rubles. Simultaneously, demand has fallen sharply on a touch-tone phone — even older people and parents of children up to 10 years, usually saving on gadgets, finally gave preference to the cheap but functional smartphones.

In Samara the same retail MTS, in contrast, increased demand for the gadgets price from 10 to 30 thousand rubles. In comparison with last year samarians were almost 20 percent more likely to buy a smartphone in installments. In addition to smartphones, in installments most often bought tablets and wireless headphones. The most popular brands, as last year was Huawei, Samsung and Apple.

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