Samsung has released three commercials under Ingenius. They ridicule the lack of fast charging, 3.5 mm headphone Jack and a better camera in the iPhone X.

The Korean company once again began and continued to attack Apple through video. So IT-giant is trying to point out the shortcomings of the flagship competitor and to attract the attention of new buyers.

Ingenius: quick charge

In the Apple Store comes a girl and asks whether iPhone X fast charging. The seller says that it is, but it will have to buy an adapter with Lightning-to-USB-C and a special power supply. In the case of the Galaxy S9 buy nothing.

Ingenius: headphone Jack

Come to the store, the man asks how to connect headphones to the iPhone X. the Consultant reports that it needs an adapter, what is puzzling from the buyer. To the question “How do I charge the iPhone and listen to music at the same time?” the seller advises to buy this special adapter.

Ingenius: camera

In the Apple Store, the buyer is interested in how good the camera of the iPhone X, and why it is priced lower than Galaxy S9. The consultant responds that he does not believe in indicators, and in the Apple.


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