Moscow, August 8 — “Lead. Economy”, the smartphone maker intends to expand the number of options Windows embedded in Android.

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Samsung Electronics has announced the next step in a long-term strategic partnership with Microsoft “to ensure uninterrupted performance of all devices, applications and services.” In the message published on the website of the company noted that it is a “exclusive integration of Microsoft’s new Galaxy Note10” that will allow users to easily combine work on smartphone and PC.

Samsung app Microsoft integrates Your Phone with the Galaxy Note 10: text messages Android, notifications, Yes, actually, the entire screen of the device display desktop computer with Windows 10. According to the head of division of mobile devices of Microsoft Shilpy of Ranganathan, speaking at the presentation of the novelties of the Samsung Galaxy Note 10 and Galaxy Note 10+, by year end the level of synchronization of new gadgets from a PC running on the “top ten” will also allow you to make and receive calls directly from the computers.

Samsung also embeds support for OneDrive sync directly to your Android Gallery app that allows you to sync photos stored on your device with cloud storage services.

“Introducing the best of Galaxy and Windows platforms, this partnership will continue to expand as Samsung and Microsoft use cloud computing and advanced intellectual capacity to provide a wealth of choice and seamless mobile solutions to market in the era of 5G,” — said in a statement Samsung.

“We believe that the mobile industry is on the verge of transformation, when the individual devices give way to continuous interaction, wherever we were. And open collaboration, such as industry-leading partnership with Microsoft, helps create a new generation of mobile applications. As new technologies such as 5G becomes a reality, our partnership will play an important role in helping people to live a more satisfying life,” said DJ Koh, President and CEO of business unit IT & mobile communication Samsung Electronics.

The struggle for each client Samsung has presented in new York a number of new Galaxy Note, and in particular two new smartphones: Galaxy Note 10 and Galaxy Note 10 Plus. This range is considered the most advanced in the family of Samsung. These smartphones are produced are usually a bit ahead of flagships and the iPhone are one of the main competitors “of Apple products”. The novelty has turned large in size: Galaxy Note 10 is 6.3 inch and the Galaxy Note 10 Plus — 6.8 in. It is the largest of all the serial smartphones. Model last year’s Galaxy Note is more compact than 9% of 6.2 and 6.4 inches. But the novelties weigh less: Galaxy Note 10 at 167 grams, the Galaxy Note 10 Plus — 198. “Nine”, weighs 201 grams.

In the new smartphones became more cameras: 10 in Note 4 and Note 10 Plus — five. There are still more ToF sensor for faster focus and 3D shooting. In addition, improved capacity of the batteries. And the Note 10 Plus there is a modification to support 5G. That’s only for Russian users this option until 2024 is not particularly relevant: this time is scheduled to ensure operation of new generation networks in major cities.

However, improved cameras, batteries, big screens — all this is not so attractive for buyers. Experts note that smartphone sales fell for the second year. Last year, they fell by 4%. In the first quarter of 2019, according to International Data Corporation, shipments decreased by 6.6% compared to the first quarter last year.

In a new quarterly report most Samsung also notes that the flagship model sold slowly and marketing costs are growing. Users increasingly satisfied with last year’s model.

Thus, manufacturers of gadgets have to look at the bigger picture, going beyond the usual format of “photo, memory, battery, quality of communication”. Cooperation of Samsung and Microsoft is a Prime example of how companies are fighting for customers through new features. Samsung has gadgets, Microsoft — software. Together they can offer users something new and interesting, gaining extra points.

However, in the case of competition with Apple, there’s one catch: the American giant already has both. And, therefore, handicap in this race.

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