This year Samsung plans to release the first smartphone with a folding display.

CEO of Samsung Dong Jin Ko hinted that the device may be presented at a developers conference in November, but it is not known whether consumers buy a foldable phone this year. Ko said that the gadget was “challenging” in development, and Samsung will release a phone with a folding display within the Galaxy Note series.

The South Korean techno giant for many years experimenting with flexible OLED displays, and the company first unveiled a prototype back in 2012. Since Samsung is testing a smartphone with two screens. Ko said that the device and its functions will produce a wow effect on consumers.

The company released a convertible concept of the potential of the phone even in 2014. In the teasers was a device with a flexible display, which evolved from a larger tablet in a smartphone. The gadget can get a 7-inch display, rumor has it The Wall Street Journal. It is also reported that the screen will be folded in half like a wallet, and on the outer part will be a small bar with information.

Samsung is not the only company developing the device. It is known that Lenovo is working on flexible phones and tablets, and Microsoft for many years dreams of two screen Surface.

Previously, we wrote about the Samsung Galaxy F concept, perhaps this is the model and will be announced by the end of autumn.


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