In late July, Samsung released several commercials. They supposedly Apple employee Store tried to convince visitors to buy an iPhone. However, he turned a blind eye to the shortcomings of the devices and showed the wonders of attachment to the brand. The company has added a selection of video — now it appears fresh Galaxy Note 9.

In the first clip a visitor says about the power of Note 9, reports Android Community. The clerk retorted, and notes that the real power — unlock the phone with face. Similar features of the flagship Samsung he had no idea.

Then the Apple fan uses last trump card — a video call with 30 people at a time in iOS 12. Fan Samsung quite reasonably sees no point in this feature.

Another problem — stylus Apple, which works exclusively with the iPad. A woman wants to buy Apple Pencil, but in return receives a recommendation to use the finger. Why not?

It looks fresh and funny. Do you like what you see? Share your answers in the comments and Telegram chat AndroidInsider.


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