Samsung just recently introduced its new flagship — Samsung Galaxy Note10+. As a proud company called use smartphone tempered glass Gorilla Glass 6, both for display and for the back cover. In the end, the blogger with the YouTube channel PhoneBuff decided to check the resistance of the device in comparison with its main competitor — iPhone XS Max.

This is due not least to the fact that Apple, during the announcement of the iPhone XS and XS Max said that both devices are protected by “the strong glass for smartphones in the world, from existing”. In the end, to check how well the flagships from Samsung and Apple protected from the physical effects, they were dropped on a hard surface using pliers.

At the end of a series of different shots and impacts, Galaxy Note 10+ was the winner of the competition — despite the huge number of cracks and overall abundant damage his display with built-in fingerprint scanner was fully operational. iPhone XS Max, in turn, felt so fresh after the test.

The full course of the “experiment” you can watch in the video below.

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