Samsung Galaxy Note 9 has the biggest battery, whose capacity is 4000 mAh. The battery is brand safe, says the leadership of South Korean concern.

Many users alarmed by the news of the big battery, the Samsung Galaxy Note 9. Consumers have not forgotten about the problems with batteries Samsung Galaxy Note 7, that was frequently the cause of sudden fires. Then the producer had to ask partners to stop the sale of gadgets, users got recommendations to turn off the power and stop using the devices. In the industry there were rumors that it might result in the closure of the Galaxy Note series. But Samsung has been working on the bugs and in 2017 saw the launch of Galaxy Note 8, with the batteries which was not observed propensity to smoke and overheating.

After failures with Samsung Galaxy Note 7, the company conducted an investigation, identify the causes of problems and introduced additional security measures to ensure that such a situation will never happen again.

13 Aug 2018 CEO of Samsung Dong Jin Ko made a statement that the engineers of his company confident in the safety of the battery on the Galaxy Note 9 4000 mAh:

“Battery Galaxy Note 9 is more secure than ever. Users no longer need to worry about batteries.”

In 2017, Samsung hired a new quality control team, which ensures that the products meet the high safety requirements. The leadership group also made changes to other parts of the production cycle to ensure that the history of the Galaxy Note 7 will not be repeated.


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