The flagship of Samsung will be seriously updated.

Smartphone Galaxy S10 will get more radical change than the Galaxy S9. Particularly serious attention will be paid to the design of the anniversary of the smartphone. This was stated by the head of Samsung To gene Koch in an interview with Chinese media.

According to the Director General of the South Korean company, Galaxy S10 “changed significantly” compared to the previous generation in the face of the Galaxy S9. Of course, nothing concrete, he said no, however, the approximate vector of the Galaxy S becomes clear. Galaxy S10 will be a smartphone with more radical changes in design than the Galaxy S9 compared to the Galaxy S8.

However, as stressed To gene Koch, Galaxy S10 will come in a new color. Informed sources suggest that the flagship 2019 will receive emerald green (Emerald Green) color of the case. She first appeared in 2015 in the smartphone Galaxy S6, then Samsung will be removed from the list available.

It is worth noting that Samsung’s strategy “tick-tock”, which alternates the release of the first radically redesigned, and then cosmetically updated flagships. Galaxy S8 was a serious upgrade compared to the Galaxy S7 and S9 here Galaxy is almost indistinguishable from its predecessor. It greatly affected the demand of the flagship 2018, which for the first time in the history of the company was not able to circumvent sales of the Galaxy S 2012.

Source: Weibo.


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