During the presentation of the new iPhone, Apple has talked about the technology of image processing to Deep Fusion, which should be the hallmark of products kupertinovtsy. But, if you believe the network sources, a “chip” will appear in another flagship device from another manufacturer — Samsung.

We are talking about Galaxy S11, which is likely to appear early next year. It needs to camera revolutionary. And in light of the presentation of Apple, who spoke about the breakthrough in their iPhone cameras, a novelty from Samsung is getting even more interesting.

Technology Deep Fusion works on the basis of the Neural Engine of the processor A13 Bionic. In fact, it uses machine learning to process each pixel of the captured image to optimize the texture, detail and noise in the pictures. Even before the user presses the shutter button, the camera will take some pictures. And then a few more, and then combine them into one photo.

Of course, Samsung will not use Apple, but something similar.

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