Samsung ceased to be the exclusive supplier of screens for Apple’s smartphone. Now the South Korean giant has to invent new materials to keep its market share, reports Cult of Mac.

25 July 2018, it became known that Samsung is going to launch the production of unbreakable OLED panels. These screens can be used not only in smartphones but also in many other gadgets, including various special devices for the army. A new type of glass can survive a series of falls and extreme temperature changes.

“Reinforced plastic coating is especially well suited for portable electronic devices not only because of its indestructible characteristics, but also because of the ease, transparency, and hardness, which are very similar to properties of glass,” said Hojung Kim, General Manager of the communications division Samsung Display.

High impact panel was developed in conjunction with Underwriters Laboratories, one of the official companies QA Department for the protection of labor. According to our tests, the material withstands a series of 26 drops from a height of 1.2 meters without damage to the front panel, the side faces and edges. Flights from the height of 1.8 meters also do not leave marks on the plastic. The material remains workable at temperatures down to -35 C.

It is not known whether the new type of screens used in the iPhone or Samsung smartphones in the near future. Maybe the project is still under development, and working prototypes will appear soon.

However, this invention could become a competitive advantage that is so necessary in the fight Samsung for Apple orders.


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