At the conference for developers SDC19 company Samsung Electronics introduced an updated UI One UI 2. The update includes optimized design and set of extended functions that facilitate the work of users of the Galaxy devices.

The South Korean manufacturer continues to promote the concept of using a smartphone with one hand. To do this, the screen is now divided into the upper part of the content and the bottom for communicating with him. Also, the developers changed the appearance of the shell, changed the shape of the window of incoming calls and adjust the volume. App icons became animated.

One of the significant changes in One UI 2 became a high-contrast theme that helps people with low vision to more clearly see the image on the screen of the gadget. This mode is now built directly into the shell. For blind people added as a special feature Light Sensing, informing by vibration of included light sources.

Also, One UI 2 has improved sound quality during phone calls even in noisy places. Appeared Live Transcribe that automatically converts spoken words into text on the screen.

Owners of Samsung smartphones and tablets will receive One UI 2 together with the upgrade to Android 10.

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