Now Samsung is releasing two flagship per year: in the spring Galaxy S and Galaxy Note in the fall. But the difference between them in recent years have been minimal, and the smartphone looked like clones, just one had a stylus, but the other one was significantly cheaper. As a result, companies have to invent something to clearly separate the audience and indicate that the Galaxy S is a “simple leader”, but the Galaxy Note is much more premium and serious. “” says that changed with the release of Galaxy Note 10 and how much is the stylus.

Long line for the Samsung Galaxy Note was something of a field for experimentation. The first series was known for the huge (by the standards of 2011) size — 5.3 inch screen with a hull width of 83 mm and a height of 147. For comparison, the iPhone 4s of the same year had a 3.5 inch screen, width 59 mm and height 115. Someone believes that Samsung is ahead of its time and ushered in a new era in the market.

Then followed experiments with form and running in the new solutions, like plastic, imitation leather, Galaxy Note 3 or the introduction of a fingerprint scanner in the Home button in Galaxy Note 4. With this ruler began using the matrix in the curved Galaxy Note Edge.

And then the experiments, apparently, ended, and next years Samsung has just released an enlarged version of the smartphone line’s with a stylus. There is nothing unique in them was not: the same hardware, same camera, same design. And, more importantly, Samsung did not explain why do I need this phone. He’s powerful, he looks strictly and pretty, it has a stylus, at worst. But for whom is this phone?

This year Samsung decided to break the line Note on two devices and offers two smartphones: the usual Note 10 with a diagonal of 6.3 inches and a giant Note 10+ with 6.8-inch screen. In addition to differences in size, the Note10 screen has a resolution of 2290х1080 points (that is, FHD+), 8 gigabytes of RAM, it lacks a ToF camera and support memory card. It turns out that the usual Note 10 is not as “uncompromising” device (as I like to call it), but only a stripped-down Note 10+, something even inferior to S10+.

Note 10+ is a huge smartphone. He’s not just big, but that is huge, although the frame around the display is minimal. And if you look at the numbers, it seems the situation is not particularly critical: it above the iPhone Xs Max 5 mm, and the width, thickness and weight about the same. But at these screen sizes it is simply impossible to use with one hand. However, “laptop” was never compact, so everything is in order, and Note for the audience it is rather a plus. Regular Note 10 almost same as the Galaxy S10.

Externally, it is already very different from the Galaxy S10, though for several years these two series were almost identical. Firstly, the front camera is now embedded into the top center of the screen. Perhaps, it looks like a pimple on my forehead, but when using it turns out that this is a much better camera in the corner, because the information in the status bar is located at the edges of the screen and not offset, as in S10.

Also the Samsung has finally got rid of the button Bixby, and in its place put the power button. Thus, all buttons are now on the left side, which is convenient only left-handers. And to touch the volume rocker and lock button are the same so they are often confusing and does not click it. But do not worry: the voice assistant from Samsung, you can call by holding down the lock, however, in Russia it is still not working, and when you run the application informs about this.

Another change in the cells, but not in terms of their characteristics, and in terms of appearance. Now they are placed vertically in the corner of the building. And they stick out, so now I do not get to mock the iPhone. Still do not get to mock because of the lack of the headphone Jack, because the Galaxy Note 10 now as well, and, apparently, the S10 was the last flagship of the company with a mini-Jack. By the way, Samsung explained that the desire to put in a smartphone battery is 100 milliampere-hours bigger. Well, after this I had to remove the clip from YouTube channel, where Samsung mocks Apple for this reason.

Of course, there is the best hardware that is available to Samsung. In Russia will be sold only version for Exynos 9825, whereas in the US the phone is available with Snapdragon 855 (not accelerated 855+). Unlike the Exynos 9820, which stands in S10, the new chip is made on 7-nanometer process technology. The particular performance increase it does not, but should increase autonomy. In addition, Note 10+ the default 12 GB of RAM.

Well, it’s a fast phone, there was no doubt. Yes, and it holds a charge a full day no problem with the seven to eight hours of screen. With a complete charge at 25 watts it can be fully charged in a little more than an hour. Interesting how it will show itself after a few months of work that still complain about some users. Although tests both processors are on a par.

With the screen all too typical. Samsung produces them, so that leaves all the best for you. He is very bright, and even under the sun of information remains readable. You can choose two options color saturation and adjust white balance. Minuses two: the screen flicker at low brightness values, from which the tired eyes, though imperceptibly at the use (see pictures), also support the refresh rate only 60 Hz. The rest is a huge and very high quality screen which is nice and the social network flipping, and even a movie to watch.

Separate hi need to share with those who still believes that the screen with rounded edges is a great idea. How old they are on the market, so no one can overcome the problem of accidental clicks. The screen always responds to the touch of the palm when using Note 10+ with one hand and trying to reach the top corners. It seems every year they say that is no longer an issue, and a special item in the settings is to prevent accidental pressing, but no, everything remained the same. Well, the text arriving on these faces, too, looks excellent.

About the camera a lot to tell little sense. The main here is the same 12-megapixel sensor with variable aperture, which was in Note 9. Loads going telephoto lens with twice the zoom and wide angle camera. Even the company itself bypasses the issue of photos, because nothing really has not changed. The only thing that deserves attention is the night mode, which works by analogy with the Pixel, that is, brightens image under very dark conditions.

A big emphasis is on shooting video, trying to oust the iPhone in this segment. The video quality is actually increased, although the ideal is still far, but Samsung is trying to push is not quality, and quantity. The company has done a bunch of features that should improve the videos, like “human focus” in the video. That is, the smartphone is able to blur the background in the video, but even on the promotional materials it looks like something artificial and far from the shooting on a normal camera.

There is still a function of the volume gain remote objects when approaching. It’s supposed to work like this: somewhere in the distance someone says something, and when you zoom in it should increase, and the next sounds, on the contrary, to become quieter. In reality, the smartphone is doing something similar, just can’t cope with the attenuation of external noise, and the result is just a mix of amplified sounds. Well, thanks to the ToF sensor, you can now draw with the stylus directly over the video, and drawn objects will remain in place while moving the camera.

And here it is logical to go to, why do we need Note 10 and how it’s different from S10. First, of course, the stylus S-Pen. The thing is very highly specialized and are not needed for all. And it’s not about the artists, which, perhaps, it would be useful to do some sketches directly on the smartphone, but it still looks doubtful. But people who want to take handwritten notes, it might be like.

It was no ordinary stick with the drawing function, the S-Pen built in gyroscope for gesture control. Holding the button on the body of the stylus, you can control the camera, not only the shutter: you can remotely start the camera, change the approach, change the shooting mode and the selected camera (main and front). When watching movies, these gestures can control the volume, rewind and put the video on pause. In the moments when gestures are recognized correctly, it really looks like something useful, although if someone need only this remote, it would be weird to pay him several tens of thousands of rubles.

Still have the chips with the drawing on top of images and video, add AR objects in the frame and other features, which will be used a couple of times after purchase. What was unexpected was using the stylus on the Note 10 is much faster and more accurate to mount the rollers and also to process the photos. But still keep the phone of this size with one hand and poking it with the stylus — not the most comfortable.

Still need to say a few words about DeX. Initially, turning the smartphone into the PC needed a special adapter, keyboard, mouse and monitor. Now the function reached its climax, and the smartphone can be connected to computers. Yes, a true smartphone can be turned into a computer. In this mode, you can throw files between the computer and the device, wrap text and generally simultaneously use a computer and smartphone (like without connecting the DeX to do it was impossible). And it works on Windows and on macOS.

It is clear that this is an attempt to make a semblance of a private ecosystem like the one that have the Apple. There is, for example, you don’t need to connect the wire, and the clipboard is common to Mac and iPhone. And cloud storage eliminates the need to fence the system of additional applications and wires. In any case it looks curious, although the previous idea with the transformation of an ordinary monitor in the likeness of a full PC look more interesting.

In Russia, Galaxy Note 10 will sell for 77 thousand roubles, Note 10+ — 90. In terms of the quality of Galaxy Note 10, its characteristics and performance is at the top, and the price might even seem fair, because other are not ashamed of such price tags. Although even when compared to S10+ (which officially stands as the Note 10, 77 thousand, even though everything you know about prices), I was a stylus and a slightly different design?

Despite all the advantages, one question remains: for whom is this a smartphone? For those enthusiasts wanting the most powerful phone on the market? They have a OnePlus and a bunch of other phones from China with comparable hardware. Well, these are the most enthusiasts know how the cheaper Samsung smartphones, so they won’t throw at new. For men in business suits? Most often, they choose the iPhone and have only heard about the existence of something else. For fans of Samsung and the Note line? Perhaps, but then again the price tag on the Note 10 are too high and differences from Note 9 not so much. For artists, videographers and all-all-all, who needs a stylus? For they have Note 9.

So Samsung is probably not know for whom release Note 10. Therefore, it mixed everything from some second-rate fun, like drawing in the air, and finishing the DeX. Previously, it was something unique, something unusual, and now the big screen Yes stylus. And then after it goes to the Huawei Mate 30, Pixel 4, the new iPhone about the same price, so Samsung will have a very hard time.

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