Samsung refused manufacture and sales in the American market of Blu-ray players, video playback as 1080p and 4K. It is reported by CNET, citing company representatives.

Thus, the latest Blu-ray Korean company will be UBD-K8500, released in the USA in 2017. last year was not represented by any of the new models. Flagship 4K Blu-ray player, scheduled for release in 2019 and will not be released.

Previously, the production of Blu-ray players turned Chinese Oppo were in this business for about 14 years. In April 2018, the company announced that it will no longer be releasing the Blu-ray players, headphones and audio system, because “our latest 4K UHD players have reached the pinnacle of performance, and it’s time to say goodbye”.

The decline of the popularity of DVD players and Blu-ray due to the fact that sales of physical CDs are declining, while streaming digital content becoming cheaper. Apple and Google, for instance, selling movies in 4K quality for the same price as 1080p HD, and more recently its streaming service cheaper and Amazon.

∎The last manufacturer ceases production of VCRs see also

However, other large manufacturers remain faithful to the format of “blue beam”. Sony, for example, at CES in January 2019 announced the M2 player to support Dolby Vision, and Panasonic recently released flagship model Blu-Ray 4K DP-UB9000.

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