This year, several major manufacturers of mobile devices decided to release their first flexible smartphone. Among them is Samsung, which is expected to submit its device with a flexible screen in February this year. The Executive Director of the Korean giant is confident that the cupertinos are also working on similar gadget.

Top Manager Samsung believes that Apple smartphone will be based on a technology that will allow the device to unfold out. According to the Executive Director of the Korean giant, cupertinos intends to go on such a path, to facilitate the development process.

Samasung have chosen a more difficult path. But the company is confident that their device, which will be folded inside, like users more. And most importantly, that it will be more convenient to use.

It is worth noting that the rumors about the possible release flexible smartphone go for a long time. The first patent describes a mobile device with a flexible screen, began to appear in the patent portfolio in 2013-2014. However, it is unclear how far Apple has progressed in the development of such a device.


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