The last couple of years Samsung continues to dominate the smartphone industry. The only real rival of the company — Huawei. However, the Korean tech giant is still a leader in various ratings. Thus, the company ranked first in sales, if you believe a recent survey of the global smartphone market in Q2 of this published Strategy Analytics and Counterpoint.

Both reports confirm that during the year the sales of smartphones of the company, but does not affect Samsung. Thus, according to Strategy Analytics, global smartphone shipments fell to 2.6%, while Samsung recorded a growth of 1.9%. By the way, Huawei has added 1.7% and Apple lost 0.7% over the same period. If we talk about numbers, Samsung sold 76,3 million smartphones in the second quarter of 2019, while Huawei sold “only” 58.7 million devices, Apple 38 million iPhones.

Research by Counterpoint shows approximately the same results with a little more information about the other brands out of the top 10. And yet, according to company data, the share of Samsung in the market is around 20%, Huawei at about 16%, and Apple has slightly more than 10%.

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