The video is called “Focus on the important function of a living focus to the Galaxy Note 10”. In it, the woman shoots video flagship Samsung, and the man is on a new iPhone.

The video begins with the call to “Add up using the side”, and a woman blur out the background in the video right at the time circuits. On the screen the words appear: “Not enough of something special? Go to Galaxy Note 10”.

In the eleventh series iPhone is portrait mode with the function of background blur, but it only applies to photos, not videos. To add the bokeh in the video, iPhone owners need to use third-party apps.

Apple introduced the iPhone 11 11 Pro and iPhone at the annual fall presentations September 10. In the Pro version the three cameras with a resolution of 12 MP wide angle, super wide and telephoto.

IPhone 11 Pro is a function of post-processing images Deep Fusion, which with the help of machine-learning techniques analyzes the series of images and makes them one with maximum detail. As reported by Techradar, Samsung is also working on this feature for its next flagship.

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