Korean edition of The Bell writes that Samsung may abandon the Galaxy Note smartphones. Perhaps Note 9 will be the last representative of the series.

According to the newspaper, Vice President of Samsung Jay Lee wants to unite the Galaxy S and Galaxy Note. This solution for several reasons.

Samsung is releasing almost the same phone. Last year, the buyers prefer to buy Galaxy S8+ and not Galaxy Note 8. This year the situation could be repeated, because Samsung plans to sell 12 million Galaxy Note 9 — it is one million more than the Note 8.

The Union of the lines will lead to savings in the development, design and manufacture of smartphones. It will also create a window for the release of a flexible phone, Galaxy X, which may be released in 2019.

According to rumors, next year, Samsung will release three of its flagship smartphone. The Bell suggests that the Galaxy S10+ can replace the Galaxy Note. It will have the largest display, triple camera, and probably the pen S Pen.


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