Insider Ice Universe told in detail about the new processor Exynos, which will be installed in Samsung Galaxy S10, reports BGR.

According to Ice Universe, Samsung Galaxy S10 will get the Exynos 9820 — is the successor of the Exynos 9810, which is installed in the Samsung Galaxy S9. For the graphics to chip Mali-G76.

9820 Exynos is OCTA core CPU consisting of two cores Exynos M4, four cores Cortex-A55 and two Cortex-A75 or A76. Exynos M4 is a proprietary Samsung, which was created as a replacement for Cortex-A76. In synthetic tests it is gaining more points than Cortex-A76, but less than A11, the processor Apple used in the iPhone X.

Samsung’s next-generation Exynos 9820 will use the 2+2+4 DynamIQ architecture, 2xExynos M4 is the big core, 2xCortex-A75 (or A76) is the medium core, and 4xA55 is the small core.

— Ice universe (@UniverseIce) 10 Jul 2018

GPU Mali-G76 is the latest and the most powerful ARM chip built on a 7 nm process technology. It’s faster than its predecessor, but it also consumes less energy.

According to rumors, Samsung is also developing its own graphics processor. In addition to Samsung, their graphics chips have Qualcomm and Apple.


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