Experts of MTS has analyzed smartphone sales in own retail network in the third quarter of 2019. According to analysts, for the first time since 2018 the leader in circulation among best-selling smartphones in the Kostroma region have gadgets Samsung, shifting from leadership brand Huawei/Honor.

In the top

In the third quarter of 2019, according to the experts of MTS, the five most purchased Kostroma smartphones have been significant changes. If in 2018 and at the beginning of this year, “Pets” was the Chinese Huawei/Honor, then in the second half of 2019 first line of the rating takes Samsung Galaxy A10, A50 and Samsung Galaxy Samsung Galaxy J2. Only on the fourth and fifth place of the top popular smartphones settled gadgets Honor and 10 Honor 8A. The smartphones of Apple brand in the top five and is not included.

In monetary terms

Analysts MTS Samsung’s lead and certify financial performance for the year, sales of smartphones Korean brand in the “money” in operator’s retail network has grown by more than 30%, while gadgets Huawei/Honor showed the first year slowdown in sales growth.

At the time

According to analysts, Kostroma became more practical to treat smartphones and if earlier on the average phone was used for two years, now — enough for three. This is due to the fact that buyers become a long loans are more expensive flagship devices that allow you to make high-quality photos, comfortable to use popular online services: streaming video, instant messaging, social networking, navigation, online games and banking applications.


Significant growth in sales, according to experts, MTS, in the third quarter of the year showed a smartphone brand Xiaomi. Compliance with such important customers, the criterion “price-quality” make these smartphones so popular. The price for the model starts from 6-7 thousand rubles, and quite satisfied Kostroma in quality. Depending on the model, smartphones of this brand is not afraid of humidity, have an attractive design and a decent camera.

In Russia on average

The average cost of purchased smartphone in the Russian market over the past three years increased by 37% to 15.9 11.6 thousand rubles. In the third quarter of 2019, the leader in physical terms Samsung with a share of 28%. In the second place Honor from 26.4% in the third — Xiaomi 12.1%. Followed by Huawei with 8.3% and Apple with 8%. In monetary terms smartphones Samsung in the lead with 29.8%, Apple — 28.9% of, Honor was 19.8%, Xiaomi — 8.3% and Huawei at 6.8%. In a retail network of MTS dynamics of sales and distribution for manufacturers of smartphones is comparable to national trends: the market is consolidated around these five vendors.

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