Despite the departure of Samsung and Oppo, market players and discs 4K Blu-ray while on the rise thanks to the support of Hollywood. Will survive optical media in opposition to the streaming?

Samsung has left the building

Samsung finally turned to the production of multimedia players under the optical discs 4K Blu-ray. This fact representatives of the company officially confirmed editions CNet and The Forbes.

In comments to the portal Digital Trends, the Samsung spokesperson said that the company has no plans to release new models of Blu-ray or 4K Blu-ray in the US market. This could technically mean that some time the company may continue the supply of such players in other markets such as European, but this is contradicted by actions of the company in the last six months.

So, earlier, Samsung did not provide a new model of its 4K players Blu-ray at stand: first in the framework of the August 2018 IFA in Berlin, and then at the January CES, 2019 in Las Vegas. According to The Forbes, in January the plans of Samsung for the year 2019 were release one player 4K Blu-ray high-end, but now the company refused even this model.

Before that, in 2018, the release of 4K players Blu-ray is completely abandoned, Oppo — despite the fact that its model has repeatedly received rave reviews from the press.

Support and sales of 4K Blu-ray is on the rise?

The departure of such major players as Samsung and Oppo from the sector of 4K Blu-ray could mean curtailing of the market or even the death of the standard, if not contrary to that of the statistics. So, if sales of Blu-ray really reduced that optical discs 4K Blu-ray on the contrary, in favor: support from major Hollywood studios only increased, and today almost every new film produced in Ultra HD format of Blu-ray.

According to the publication Variety, citing dimension DEG (The Digital Entertainment Group), CD sales of 4K Ultra HD Blu-ray in the third quarter of 2018 “soared 68%” compared with the same period of 2017.

Moreover, according to Eddie Kanningem, the President of Universal Pictures Home Entertainment, one of the ten discs sold now in the US, is disk 4K UHD.

According to Bob Buchi, the head of the global division of Paramount Home Media Distribution, CD sales 4K UHD for the first three quarters of 2018 has soared by 87% compared to three quarters of 2017.

Competition from all sides

One of the reasons for folding the production of 4K players Blu-ray the big players Samsung and Oppo can be acute competition. However, a significant pressure can provide not only the traditional players in the market of 4K UHD Blu-ray, such as Sony, LG and Panasonic, but also Microsoft with its Xbox One video game console X.

Samsung M9500, perhaps the last 4K Blu-ray player of the company.

According to DEG, only for the first three quarters of 2018, only the U.S. has sold about 4.2 million units for disc playback Ultra HD Blu-ray, however, the individual statistics for players and gaming consoles no leads. At the same time, Matt Pascarella, an analyst at video game market from the NPD claims that 2018 was the phenomenally successful game console for Xbox One X and, in particular, this fact was the cause of ousting Samsung from the market players.

According to Nielsen survey for the second quarter of 2018, only 66% of the owners of TVs currently have at their disposal a DVD player or Blu-ray, although only a year earlier, there were 72%. According to Nielsen, American adults on average, devotes less than five minutes per day to content on Blu-ray or DVD.

In General, forecasts that the market of optical drives and other capacious physical media for recording multimedia content is waiting for death and oblivion is not confirmed — as well as any predictions about death and oblivion e-mail. Even such archaic by today’s media as a DVD still occupies about 58% of all sales of the optical media.

However, the pressure on the market of physical media from online services, streaming is constantly increasing. So, currently, streaming services, Apple and Google offer viewing 4K movies for the same price as movies with quality 1080p.

The use of home entertainment systems. Nielsen, 2017/18.

Many online cinemas, including Netflix, Amazon Prime, ivi, Okko and others, now allow you to watch movies with 4K and high dynamic range (HDR) in conjunction with surround sound Dolby Atmos — and all at a price below the cost of disk Ultra HD Blu-ray.

Representatives from Sony on this issue noted that the lack of support for drives with 4K Ultra HD consoles, PS4 and PS4 Pro is that online is the preferred method for viewing content of this type. That, however, does not prevent the company to produce its own separate players 4K Ultra HD.


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