Critique is not the case.

Samsung keeps churning out promotional videos in which openly criticizes Apple and its flagship iPhone X. The latest is a video dedicated to the announcement of the Galaxy Note9, has caused a wave of negative reviews due to the apparent miscalculation of the Samsung.

In another video, Samsung focuses on high-performance Galaxy Note9 and the superiority of the new over the iPhone X. In the video “Power” buyer walks into an Apple store and says that “Galaxy Note9 really powerful smartphone”. Ironically, just yesterday, published the results of tests Note9 Galaxy and iPhone X in benchmarks. Last year’s iPhone X left latest Galaxy Note9 no chance.

“It turns out that if I want a really powerful smartphone, side Samsung is better not to look? I think I understand now, thank you Samsung for the release of the video with explanation!”, one of the comments to the video the Samsung on YouTube.

Note that many of the opponents of Apple commercials still like them. However, there are Samsung fans who believe that the company should show the strengths of their products without trying to humiliate the main competitor.

Source: YouTube.


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