A couple of days before the start of the international exhibition of electronics CES, which is traditionally held in Las Vegas, Samsung announced their new Micro LED displays. Just in case we remind, that the previous on the basis of the Micro LED was immense 146-inch from The Wall (wall). In the current year, the South Korean giant showed a smaller and larger version of the 75 and 219-inch, respectively. 219 inches is, at the moment, five and a half meters.

But in the new displays are interesting not only their size, but the technology to display the image. Instead of the usual LCD or OLED panels Samsung used new products Micro LED — this technology, which has all the advantages of OLED, but avoid its drawbacks. This means that the Micro LED displays also have very high contrast due to the fact that, as in the OLED, the pixels themselves emit light and turns off completely when you need to display a black color. Also among the pros — great color reproduction and wide viewing angle. But Micro LED displays in contrast to the OLED is not affected by fading of pixels can glow brighter, and panels based on this technology are thinner and should be a bit cheaper.

Another advantage of Micro LED displays Samsung is their modularity, i.e. the possibility to combine multiple displays into one. Without any framework between the modules. This was also demonstrated during the presentation: at one of the stands showed how easy to the display on the wall to add some Micro LED-modules. Not these new 75-inch TVs, and a small square modules with a diagonal of about 13 inches.

These modules consist of two parts: the bracket and, in fact, the display itself, which sticks to the bracket with magnets. The resolution and diagonal modules were announced was not, as it is still only a demo version. But we know how it will look in the future. The TV began to seem small? Bought myself another couple of modules and make them bigger. Though popular, this approach will likely use when making sites for any events or something like that.

Unfortunately, the timing of sales and prices not yet announced no new TV, no modules were not announced.

Along with the announcement of the new displays Samsung also announced that TVs 2019 with features Samsung Smart TV will support iTunes Movies/TV Shows and Apple AirPlay 2. But the owners of the models “Telecom” 2018 do not despair — they have these features will appear after the firmware update.

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