Samsung is going to integrate into the new flagship, the Galaxy S10 blockchain technology for cryptocurrency, which, as you know, has fallen dramatically in price and no longer needed. As it became known, all three representatives of the Galaxy series S10 including the S10 Plus almost $ 2,000, will receive a built-in crypto.

All this stuff is needed in order to store in the Galaxy S10 its cryptocurrency, but not all, but only Etherium or, as it is called, Ether. This crypt is now in third place in popularity in the world, but it is quite cheap and go up in the foreseeable future is going. From all this it follows that the Galaxy S10 built a technology that few people need, what they will cost more than if they did not have this crypto.

In General, the pricing policy of Samsung in relation to the flagship 2019 raises many questions. Seeing as Apple is suffering due to low sales of the iPhone XS Max for $1100, it plans to roll out a S10 Plus $1818 and hopes for its success. Premiere Galaxy S10 will be held on February 20 this year, and the start of sales is scheduled for March 8.

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