Samsung is going to release watch-electrocardiograph. The device can also analyze breathing difficulties, shock, and poisoning, according to the website Patently Apple.

Smart new is not uncommon. As it turned out, hours of Apple’s fourth generation is a function, but the researchers note that it cannot substitute for full medical equipment.

However, Samsung has ambitious objectives — the company wants to make a special step in this direction, “teach” their gadgets to measure blood pressure. Analysis will occur without the need for any manipulation of the device, but only thanks to the automatic high-precision measurement of pulse velocity and index of the liquid arteries.

The device will also be able to choose the right number of calories consumed when eating.

Earlier it was reported that Samsung released the world’s first phone with a “hole” in the screen. Its diameter is 6.7 mm, there are cameras — main and front. Because of this, the display almost completely covers the surface of the gadget.


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