Company “Medialogia” especially for built the ratings companies and businessmen 2018.

Ratings based on the media index — index “Medialogia”, which reflects the quality of the group’s subsidiaries and persons in the information field. The higher the value of media index, the more clearly and positively the presence of a company or person in the media, the more positive is its image created by the media.

When preparing the ranking was analyzed 69 326 724 media publications for the period from 1 January to 31 December 2018.

Company of the year

A leader in the media index remains Sberbank. In October, the company raised rates on loans to purchase real estate. The Bank explained the increase in mortgage rates of adaptation to current market conditions after the September rate hike. Also, the media reported that Sberbank is testing a service that allows you to withdraw cash from credit card right at the cash desks of shops.

In addition, analysts considered the average income of pensioners in Russia. It was also reported that Sberbank will take care of the expenses for restoration of the suffered from vandalism Repin’s painting “Ivan the terrible and his son Ivan”.

The most noticeable movement in the media rating of “Yandex”. The company introduced its first branded smartphone with a voice assistant “Alice”. Yandex Group and Rambler Group in partnership with major rights holders have signed a Memorandum designed to fight piracy in the network. In addition, “Yandex” has introduced a smart column. Media reported that the company launched the unmanned taxi in the special economic zone Innopolis.

Company of the year:

No. Moving Company Media Index


2 205 180,5
1 476 362,4

1 432 461,8
“Russian Railways”

1 403 605,8

1 171 581,4

1 106 171,8

1 102 935,9

995 790,6

909 148,5
“Mail Of Russia”

817 409,7
Businessmen of the year

A leader in the media index was Elon Musk. The company SpaceX has launched a super-heavy carrier rocket Falcon Heavy with a load in the form of Tesla Rodster. Also the billionaire has offered its assistance in the rescue of children in Thailand. Musk has also opened a high-speed underground tunnel near Los Angeles.

The most significant movement in ranking from Oleg Deripaska. The businessman failed to achieve the lifting of U.S. sanctions on their key assets of En+, RUSAL and EuroSibEnergo. To do this, Deripaska had to reduce stakes in companies and give almost full control over them through the boards of Directors of RUSAL and En+ citizens of the USA and the UK. The Russian businessman has left the Board of Directors of UC Rusal to protect the interests of the company against the background of US sanctions. It was also reported that Deripaska has won a lawsuit against a Nasty Fish and Alex Leslie.

Businessmen of the year:

No. Move A Person’s Media Index

Elon Musk Tesla

572 922,9
Dmitry Rogozin, Roskosmos

476 175,8
German Gref, Sberbank

433 011,5
Andrey Kostin, VTB

297 043,0
Alexey Miller Gazprom

296 744,8
Igor Sechin, Rosneft

282 034,9
Oleg Deripaska En+

222 463,5
Roman Abramovich Millhouse

199 499,0
Alisher Usmanov of USM Holdings

169 078,7
Sergey Chemezov, Rostec

166 432,4

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