New interesting service main Bank of the country.

Sberbank announced about providing its customers with new and unique features. The Bank began to offer loans in stores that are represented on the trading floor “Buy with the savings Bank”. Thanks to the innovation of all holders of debit cards of “Sberbank” will be able to arrange fast loans with low interest rate from the Bank directly to the online stores. In 2019, the proposal would begin to spread to retail outlets.

Clients of Sberbank got the opportunity to take out loans in shops, presented on the marketplace “Buy with the savings Bank”. Representatives of the Bank said that the loan will be able to take place without the participation of the Bank employees or partner.

All that is required from a customer to choose the right product and place an order. After this the order is instantly sent for processing. If the application is approved, the client is offered online to sign the documents for loan processing and final clearance purchase. Loan interest rate will be reduced because the loan will be provided through the services of Bank and only to holders of debit cards.

Initially a new “savings” will only work in the online shops of our partners. But in 2019, the option will appear in mobile applications and retail outlets offline. In addition, next year on the platform “the savings Bank” the services are beginning to offer and other lending institutions.

Now on the trading floor “Buy with the savings Bank” presented quite a few shops. However, directly on the website indicates that in a short time with Sberbank will begin to operate many brands, including Asus, Samsung, “Technopark”, “dochki-Synochki” and others.

Source: Sberbank.


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