Before closing less than a month.

In mid-October, “Sberbank” gave the Russians launch a new pronouced “Record”, which was recognized as the best in 2018. The maximum rate on the new Deposit is of 7.15%, which is significantly higher than on other deposits, as Sberbank and other major banks. However, the contribution of “Record” is temporary and will soon be closed.

Sberbank warned customers that the contribution of the “Record” will only be temporary, immediately after its launch. The Bank said that “Record” is pronouced, which will be available for use to customers of the Bank only during six weeks.

November 30, Sberbank will close the contribution of the “a Record”. He will cease to be available to new investors. Those who have time to invest in promoclub, will get its interest on the initial conditions.

Thus, wishing to invest money in the “savings Bank” remains little more than three weeks. Recall that the maximum Deposit rate “Record” is equal to 7.15%, provided that the Deposit is registered for 1.5 years. The minimum Deposit amount is 50 000 rubles. Calculate your income record on a special page of the official website of “Sberbank”.


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