Experts believe that soon.

In mid-October, Sberbank launched a special promoved the “Record”, which was the most profitable Bank in 2018. Unfortunately, this contribution was immediately announced as temporary, with clearly specified closing date. On December 1, the contribution of the “a Record” officially ceased to be available to Bank customers. When the “savings” will be a new contribution with a similar increased rate?

The contribution of the “Record” was the best “savings” in 2018. The maximum Deposit rate was 7.15%, which were record levels for the Bank. In this case, and the minimum rate on the Deposit “Record” was increased to 6.5% with the contribution for the term from 7 months to 1 year.

The clients of “Sberbank” was a month and a half in order to use promoclean. November 30 — last day according to the official terms of the Deposit, clients can use this Deposit.

When Sberbank will launch a new Deposit with increased interest rate? Russian experts believe that to expect the appearance of a new contribution it is possible even in the next few weeks. Sberbank can offer customers a new beneficial contribution to the winter holidays. Previously, the Bank already has pleased customers by running a “Christmas loan” with improved conditions.


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